On Kudankulam N-plant accident

15/ 05/ 2014
We express our intense grievance in the matter of accident occurred in Kudankulam N- power station on 14/05/2014. Nuclear power is never acceptable. N- Reactor is an accident- prone technology; the radioactive waste unleashed by reactor has no disposal method and the cost of N-power can never be ascertained. Moreover the Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant is an obsolete technology of Russia.
We demand immediate withdrawal of all the running and proposed N-power projects including Kudankulam in India.

28th Annual General Meeting


28th Meeting of Bijnan Darbar was held on 8th June 2014 in the Satish Nandi Primary School, Kanchrapara. Annual General The meeting was attended by 35 members. From the forum of 28th AGM, Bijnan Darbar waves an open call to all the social, cultural & science organizations to observe 2014- 2015 as anti- war year as a mark of 100th year of 1st world war & 75th year of 2nd world war. A working committee of 13 members was constituted for 2014- 2015. Sri Pratul Kr. Das & Sri Dipak Mazumder were re-elected president & secretary respectively.

Inauguration of Bijnan Darbar’s own website


Bijnan Darbar own website- www.bijnandarbar.com was inaugurated by its president Sri Pratul Kr. Das at 6.00 P.M. on 8th June 2014 in the Satish Nandi Primary School. A good number of old members like Sri Debasish Basu, Sri Ujjal Kanti Roy & Sri Subrata Mukhopadhaya participated in this inauguration program & they spoke of many past events of Bijnan Darbar. The eminent theatre personality Sri Dulal Kar & human right activists Sri Joygopal Dey & Sri Avijit Sengupta spoke of the importance of Bijnan Darbar on citing many past events. Sri Dipak Mazumder secretary of Bijnan Darbar told that there was an archive in the website which will preserve various writings in the matter of nuclear power, social superstitions, environmental degradation and anti- people research & development, already published in different Bengali papers & periodicals.

Padayatra by Bijnan Darbar


Bijnan Darbar will organise a padayatra on 27th July 2014 at 4 P.M. from Gandhimore , Kanchrapara to Bagermore against war and all sorts of weapons including nuclear arms in the event of 100th year of 1st world war and 75th year of 2nd world war.

Please join our padayatra.


Demonstration against war & neclear arsenals


Bijnan Darbar is going to organize a demonstration against war & neclear arsenals in Kanchrapara RLY. Station on 6th August 2014, the Heroshima Day.

Please Join

Participation in Kalyani Book Fair -2014


Bijnan Darbar is going to participate in Kalyani Book Fair- 2014 to be held on and from 6th Dec.to 15th Dec. Interested persons are requested to visit the stall of Bijnan Darbar.


Drama-Workshop -2014


Bijnan Darbar is going to organise Drama-Workshop-2014 on and from 25th Dec.to 31st Dec. 2014. Around eighty students of different schools of Halishar- Kalyani- Kanchrapara locality are expected to join the Workshop. On 31st Dec. 2014 a programme will be arranged in the frontier campus of Halishar Mallick Bug High School where the participants will show there drama to be resulted from the Workshop. Interested persons are requested to attend the programme to be held on 31st Dec.2014.

For any other information the following Mobile Nos. may be contacted with.

7278192449 - 869950577 - 8013059509- 9477631856

Seminer- 'Gene, genetic disorder and health' held on 14th March, 2016 at Ritwik Sadan, Kalyani organized by National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Kalyani and Bijnan Darbar, Kanchrapara jointly.


The report and review of the seminar—‘Gene, genetic disorder and health’ held on 14th March 2016 at Ritwik Sadan, Kalyani and organized by National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Kalyani and Bijnan Darbar, Kancharapara jointly is as follows:

Around 650 students of class ten and some teachers of following nine schools of Kalyani locality participated in the seminar.
Majherchar Satyapriya Roy Smriti Vidyapith High school.
Bidhan Chandra Memorial Govt. Girls’ High school.
Ghoshpara saraswati Trust Estate Vidyapith.
Kalyani University Experimental High School.
Pannalal Institution.
Sprindale High school.
Kalyani Sikhsyatan.
Chandmari Deshapriya Sikhsyatan.
Chandmari Nagendrabala Balika Vidyalaya.

Sri Dipak Majumder, General Secretary of Bijnan Darbar declared the programme of the seminar to the participants and then Dr. Arup Ratan Baghchi of NIBMG delivered the inaugural speech. Dr.Baghchi in his speech spoke of the objective and activity of NIBMG briefly.

Discussion was held in three phases. In the first phase, Swapan Sil of Bijnan Darbar Discussed on ‘The Brief History of Origin of Life and Living Kingdom on Earth’ with the projection of 22 relevant slides.
In the second phase, Dr. Moulinath Acharya of NIBMG discussed on ‘evolution of life’ with special emphasis on its mechanism with the projection of  relevant slides.
In the third phase, Dr. Srikanta Goswami of NIBMG discussed on ‘Genetic Disorder and Its Effect on Health’ with the projection of relevant slides.

Before inauguration song of Sri Sudip Dostider of Halisahar Bijnan parisad  and in between discussions recitation of Sri Niladri Biswas were capable of creating a pleasant atmosphere pushing the monotony of lecture afar, at least for some moments.
The content of all the three discussions were scientifically sound and related  to one another. Obviously the most important discussion was held in the third phase.
The total time consumed by the discussions was around three hours. During this period of time there appeared a lot of scientific terms, comments and definitions a small part of which is likely to be known previously to the participant-students. So it may be that all the participant-students might have not followed the entire discussions with uniform patience over three hours. But it is fact that crossing the barrier of syllabus, the discussions had been capable of raising the inquisitiveness of the participant-students in the matter of gene, genetic disorder and its impact on life process.

In the development of science awareness and research-centric mentality among the students such seminar holds a great deal of importance and in the coming days it may be repeatd in other schools.